Apart from mathematics and all that ...

1. Running

Starting running in 2008, Jan ran fifteen half marathons and seven marathons, including Athens, Berlin, Prague, Amster- dam and Rotterdam.

Current personal bests:

  • 3.32.33 (2013) marathon
  • 1.34:36 (2014) half marathon
  • 1:10:27 (2011) ten miles
  • 0:42:49 (2012) ten kilometers
Early 2015, a stress fracture of the shin bone was observed. After several alternatives were tried, in March 2016, it was repaired using a permanent metal implant with six screws.

Jan receives extensive physiotherapy since, at ManualFysion, using the NASA-developed Alter-G tredmill.

Goal: the Prague Half Marathon in April 2017.

2. Billiards

Also in 2008, as a counter balance for running, Jan started playing classical billiards (carambole, three cushion).

His carambole moyenne is a very modest 1.2.

His simultaneous Belgian Trappist moyenne is about three :-)

3. Czech language and culture

In the academic year 1997-1998, Jan was Visiting Professor at the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague.

Since then, he became a more and more frequent visitor, and got challenged by learning the language and the habits and rich history and culture of the Czech Republic.

4. Miscellaneous

Vegetarianism, cooking, reading, classical music, swimming, fitness, wining and dining.